Hello friends!  Thanks for sticking with me and tuning back in for the second installment of this three-part series on project management.

A project manager wears many hats. From encourager to organizer and everything in between, project managers do it all. And this is the lead reason why it’s crucial to maximize efficiency when managing a project.

I have listed several processes to help you managers keep juggling all those balls while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

Stay diligent, but take breaks

I wrote about time management in the previous blog so I’ll briefly touch on time management and then move on. In the previous blog, I advised to make a schedule, create margins of time and stick with the plan. Now I’m going to tell you to take a break. I know what you’re thinking, those things contradict each other. Well, not really.

Have you ever found yourself so stressed and busy that you can’t concentrate? You aren’t alone. It’s during those times that a break is most needed. Creativity and problem solving don’t always originate in the office. In fact, some of the most creative people have the best ideas while taking a walk, or painting a picture, or performing their favorite hobby. I’ll take this a step further and encourage you to get outside.  Some fresh air can help reduce stress and get those creative juices flowing. Not only will taking a break boost your creativity, but will increase your efficiency. When a person is rested and relaxed, they are able to tune into work more easily because they are free of the distractions stress can cause.


In order to keep things as efficient as possible, it’s crucial for a project manager to delegate tasks. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of doing everything yourself. But this is not a sustainable system. By delegating responsibilities, the project manager is not only increasing the efficiency of the team, but they are also giving others the opportunity to learn tasks they would not otherwise have the chance to work on.  Delegating responsibilities boosts morale. It gives a project manager a way in which to encourage the team.  By delegating, the manager is building trust and confidence within the group. Not to mention keeping him/herself sane at the same time.

Give up multitasking

Now I know what you’re going to say, “but I’m the one person on the planet that’s actually MORE efficient when I multitask!” No, you aren’t. In order to help yourself keep to one task until it’s completion, make a list and check off each task once it is completed. And if you stay on one task for too long and begin to lose your edge, go back to step one, and take a break. There have been scores of studies that show that multitasking is not helpful or efficient to the task. So in order to stay efficient, just say no to multitasking.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Now go ignite the world with your passion!

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