We’ve made it to the third and final installation of this three-part series on project management. In the first two blogs, I gave advice on managing time efficiently and on making that time spent working on projects as productive as possible. In this last blog, I’ll touch on communication, which is really the pinnacle of project management.

Without good communication, a business won’t get very far. There are so many people to communicate with, consumers, employees, suppliers, vendors, the list goes on and on. Good communication within a business can be the difference between success and failure. Below, you will find three areas in which you can improve communication, which will, in turn, help you manage your project more effectively.

Facilitate open communication

Having an open line of communication within your team is crucial to managing a project. The main way to do this is by facilitating trust. When team members trust each other they are able to openly share needs, goals, and strategy and work together in a cohesive way. By reducing criticism and increasing assurance throughout the group, team members will build confidence in their work and will, in turn, put more effort into the job. When trust is created, the team becomes more invested in the work and everyone wins.

Stay organized with virtual project management software

Working virtually isn’t just the wave of the future, it’s how work is done right now. By staying organized and encouraging communication within a project management software, managers are facilitating a hub of communication that can be used by all. Time is freed up when managers aren’t having to constantly check up on their team. Utilizing a project management software also allows work to be accomplished from anywhere which can be a real help with jobs that require travel.

Create a clear vision toward the goal

Communicating a clear vision and direction for the team will get everyone on the same page, and make the team more invested in the job as a whole. When the team is unified toward the same goal the work will be exponentially more effective. The old adage from the early 2000s had it correct, synergy is what we need to be facilitating as project managers.

It’s difficult to get everyone moving in the same direction. By creating a set of foundational principals for your business, leaders can unify the team and improve morale in the process. The United States AirForce provides all airman with three core values.

  • Service Before Self
  • Integrity First 
  • Excellence In All We Do

To this day I have these core values running through my blood. When an organization creates a standard so firm and steady, that standard embeds into the DNA of each person, changing and forming every individual until one unified team remains.


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